Tunatutu's commitment

The sustainable development of our planet is a necessity. The time of taking natural resources for granted is over. Natural resources are being depleted while the need for them is increasing due to population growth, urban sprawl and rising standards of living. The world is facing a challenge both ecological and societal: ensuring everyone’s right to access essential services in the context of scarce resources and climate change.

At Tunatutu, we are a socially conscious brand striving towards becoming truly sustainable, and we are committed towards continuously minimizing our environmental impact.
Today, there is a lot of research being done, on what steps we can take towards a more sustainable textiles economy. Many of us (ourselves included!), sometimes lack a holistic way of understanding how our consumer behavior impacts the environment.
Having said that, we strive to learn more about how we can minimize our impact. We believe that the notion of sustainable textiles will require changes on both the demand and supply side, and are currently working in the following directions:

Conscious Sourcing

Better, more sustainable materials.
Do you ever wonder why Tunatutu's bedding is so soft and durable? It’s probably thanks to our materials.
We thoroughly research our raw materials to make sure they meet our high standards, are good for you, and better for the environment.
We use mostly natural materials, which break down better and are less of a pollutant than the synthetic fibers that are being found in our oceans and water supplies.
We also use Forest Stewardship Council® certified factory for our package.

Clean Production

Clean chemistry and less water.
Fabric quality is what keeps presuming: premium. We source and manufacture our bedding all over the world weighing factors like where we can find the highest quality fabrics and factories that can produce beddings to the standards our customers expect. We choose countries that are best-in-class at producing the desired raw material over less expensive labor.

We seek production partners that adhere to strict environmental regulations, in addition to using renewable energy, repurposing by products and recycling and using less water. The more we grow, and as our manufacturing quantities increase, this will continue to be a priority for us.

Care for People

Safe and fair working conditions for all.
We are responsible for ensuring safe and fair working conditions, so we make it a priority to partner with world-class manufacturers that are committed to fair and equitable practices.

We also care deeply about ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and have implemented unconscious bias workshops to educate and to remove bias from our team members. We are committed to building teams that are reflective of a range of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences at every level.

Commitment to the planet

Our commitment to sustainability
Sustainability is, and will continue to be, at the forefront of the choices we make as a business. We want to make bedding that people feel good sleeping in and feel good about. This starts with using materials that have the least amount of impact on the environment, but it doesn’t stop there. We’re committed to minimising our environmental impact across our entire supply-chain and donate at least 1% of all annual sales to environmental nonprofits creating positive change.