A simple mission: Providing comfort for all, including our planet. 

Tunatutu is on a mission to deliver premium, long-lasting products to people in need. From bedding to bath and sleepwear, all our products are sourced sustainably and made to last, cutting down landfills and getting the most out of our natural resource.

To make this possible, we rely on three unique advantages.


Shen, our founder and CEO, is a fiber research specialist. Not only that… he has sensitive skin. All his life, he tried other bedding brands with the hopes of finding one that was comfortable, delicate, and soft enough to support a good night’s sleep, but he never did.

So he made his own.

Tunatutu was formed when Shen’s son unknowingly put their silk-filled duvet in the laundry machine, ruining it. Sparked with inspiration, Shen leveraged his expertise and began developing an answer: his own washable premium silk-filled duvet. After bringing this project to life after years of research, Tunatutu began to expand into other offerings while keeping one thing consistent: a commitment to staying soft, premium, and industry-leading innovation.


Our machine-washable silk wasn’t a happy accident. It was the product of time, energy and financial investment into uncovering the groundbreaking solution. Shen consulted with university professors and former colleagues from his fiber research days while innovating, and his network of brilliant researchers helped him create something that many said would never exist: an unprecedented, washable silk-filled duvet.


    Delivering quality products is only half of our mission. Yes, we want to help people around the world who are in need of a good night’s sleep, but we also want to help something equally important…

    Our planet.

    Tunatutu is committed to being environmentally and socially responsible through every layer of our business operations. We use sustainable methods to create our products, and are products are made to last. This allows customers to invest in longer-lasting quality products instead of cheap, disposable products that burn through Earth’s natural resources and end up in landfills.

    Investing in Tunatutu is not only investing in your sleep: it’s a long-term investment in our planet, our future and our children.