How to Choose the Best Silk-filled Duvet?

How to Choose the Best Silk-filled Duvet?

Imagine falling asleep under a pure silk duvet. A pure silk duvet is naturally hypoallergenic, moulds to the contours of your body and regulates your heat through it's unique layering of silk floss.
Everyone knows about the benefit of silk duvet, but is every single silk-filled duvet shown up in the market real? We really doubt. Let's help you figure it out.

1. Does it really matter where silk comes from?

To find out where this all started, we have to go back in time. Silk production originated in China, in around 2640 BC. Legend has it a Chinese princess discovered silk after a silk cocoon fell into her cup of tea. The hot water unravelled the cocoon, and she managed to pull out a silk fibre that was several meters long.
Upon this discovery, the princess and her serving women begin to weave the silk fibers to make the luxurious fabric which we now know as silk. From that point forward, China discovered the life cycle of the silkworm and managed to keep the production of silk a secret for thousands of years.
Nowadays, there are many different types of silk from all different corners of the world. The silk we are talking about is simply known as mulberry silk, because of the type of leaves fed on by the silkworms. When compared to other variations of silk, mulberry silk is often superior because it is the softest kind.
So it matters what silkworms eat, not where they come from.

2. Silk can chemically gain weight?

Yes, it can, especially Mulberry silk.
Unfortunately for us, this popular silk scam is made far easier with the acceleration in online shopping over the years. We’re seeing marketplaces like Amazon and eBay flooded with fake silks, and the problem here is – customers don’t know what they’re buying, or who they’re buying from.
It doesn’t stop there either, there are many online stores that have aced their branding to make them seem legitimate, but the silk produce that they’re selling is far from.
While it may seem difficult to know if you’re really purchasing genuine silk before you’ve already handed over your hard earned cash, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you to work out the differences between a quality silk fabric and a synthetic man-made material.

How to test if your silk is real

Once you’ve got your hands on your silk (or fake silk) there are a few simple tests that can be done at home if you’re really unsure on its legitimacy.

Hand touch

Simply touch your silk and get a good feel for the smoothness of it. Real silk is completely smooth to the touch, with a soft and almost waxy feeling.
Further to that, if you scrunch it up a bit in your hand, you should hear a crunching noise – that sound should tell you that it’s the real deal.

The ring test

Take any jewelry ring that you’ve got to hand, and place it on your fabric. Gently pull the silk through the middle of the ring and see how it performs.
Real silk should smoothly glide through the ring with no issues, whereas synthetic fibers will usually get caught on the ring or bunch up.

The disinfectant test

It is a special test only for silk filling. You can just pull out some silk filling from your duvet, then pour some disinfectant on a cup, then mix them together. If it has so many bubbles, then obviously, it chemically gains weight. But if it is dissolved in disinfectant, then it is real silk.

3. Is mulberry silk better than tussah silk?

there are two different types of silk fibre – Tussah and Mulberry. To over simplify, there are two different types of silk worm, they eat different things, come from slightly different environments and therefore create a different silk.
Mulberry silk is often referred to as Bombyx. These terms are interchangeable. It is a higher quality silk than the Tussah. Mulberry starts life as a cream color; Tussah is honey colored. Mulberry is much finer than the Tussah and the individual strands are longer. Mulberry is always more vibrant and lustrous. Tussah is flatter and more matte in appearance. To sum up the above, Mulberry silk is better than tussah silk. But it is a totally different thing when it comes to silk-filled duvet.
Actually, the porosity of tussah silk is higher than Mulberry silk's, which means when temperature is too high, the tussah silk can absorb moisture and heat. When the temperature is low, moisture and heat is discharged from the silk to keep your skin dry.
Tussah silk is relatively safer than Mulberry silk. What does it mean? The Mulberry silk is pretty much more precious and expensive than Tussah silk, it’s no surprise that people and companies all over the world are desperate to recreate its properties and sell off cheap, fake imitation silks as if it’s the real deal. Tussah silk is much cheaper than Mulberry silk, so what you get with Tussah silk in will be real silk.

4. Hand-made silk duvet VS Machine-made silk duvet

Due to the delicate nature of silk fibers, high-end silk floss is usually treated by experienced silk workers who know how to preserve the long stranded fibers, as machines are capable of breaking the fibers with ease should the process go wrong at any point. Thus, a handmade comforter usually implies the quality of the silk used is higher, so the manufacturer is willing to spend more to hire experienced workers in order to minimize the risks of damaging the silk in the process of manufacturing.
However, during the production of hand-made silk duvet, the silk will be covered more oil than machine-made silk. One of indicator to measure the quality of silk quilt is the oil content rate,the higher the rate, the lower the cost of silk duvet and filling power. Sometimes it will reach 1.5%.
The production of machine-made silk is to peel first, then boil, there is no cocoon any more. So it will be cleaner and have a long service life.
Generally speaking, handmade silk floss filling is superior to machine-made fillings, but only based on the handmade silk is real without any chemically gaining weight.
Anyway, Mulberry silk-filled duvet is better than tussah silk indeed but only based on Mulberry silk is real, and if you can't figure it out before your purchase, please just choose the tussah silk which has good value for money.

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