InstantIce blanket

Are working with the challenge of finding ways to produce materials without harming our environment.

So we decide to use methods that involve less energy or processing steps than before in order for them to still be able create what we need!

Will let you body cool down instantly once you touch it. The dense yarn and rigorous woven process ensures the silk of the blanket, no pilling, no snagging.


This will keep you comfortable during the summer months with no worries about getting too hot or tired from working outside in this kind weather! You can see how cold green & blue) and hot (red & yellow) spots interact through infrared thermal as shown in the image shown.

The image B shows hot and cool spots that are not changing much. This could mean that there isn't enough heat leaving the body for infrared radiation to cause any effect on cooling it down properly.

The surface is such smoothy and silky, it feels like you're sleeping in heaven! And not only will this coolness last through the night but also after long periods of time spent resting because metabolism still keeps your temperature at an enjoyable level for most people even if they sleep all day away.


We use cool antibacterial functional fabric to achieve antibacterial and deodorization, 

It ensures that the antibacterial power continues even when washed with water.

It also keeps your bedding fresher for longer, aiding in a peaceful night's sleep.