Our package
The importance of packaging cannot be overstated, we have a responsibility to our customers and ourselves, so we strive for the best sustainable practices when making your product available in its final form; this includes using recyclable materials that won't end up just sitting around after you've thrown them away! Packaging with the FSC® certification will be proof of our sustainable values.


For the outer package box, you can also use the second strip to seal the package again and reuse it for an other trip, whether you’re returning an item or sending something else to a different recipient. Of course, it will be excellent if our package can support you somewhere else


For our silk-filled duvet package, one woven bag is perfect for storing it or hanging on the bedroom door handle as a storage bag without taking up space. The other braid bag can also be a toy basket or laundry basket, it can also be a toy of your toddler. Sounds amazing, doesn't it?


For our cooling comforter, we pack them with a tote bag which also can be a bag for your grocery shopping, or just a bag for your daily use.