Can a Silk-Filled Duvet Change the Way You Sleep?

Can a Silk-Filled Duvet Change the Way You Sleep?

Silk has a luxurious history, tracing back to its origins in China as a highly coveted resource. Its value in society has only continued to multiply over the years, due to its various functions and benefits. Silk has the ability to improve our health, preserve our youth, and transform how we sleep.

Let’s break down a few of the major reasons silk bedding is so beneficial:

 It’s a natural product.

Silk is much more breathable than synthetic bedding, which allows it to regulate your body’s temperature as you sleep. The material has moisture-wicking properties that combat night sweats, and keep you sleeping soundly. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, so this is a great option for any allergy sufferers out there. It’s naturally antibacterial and promotes a well-rounded sleep cycle year-round.

It controls temperature without the heaviness of down-filled duvets.

Silk is a high-quality material that allows for an airy and comfortable duvet cover. Many people struggle with their temperature levels as they sleep. A silk duvet is warm, without weighing you down. It’s perfect year-round, and great for temperature regulation if you sleep with a partner.

It's low maintenance and long-lasting.

Since it is naturally mildew and mold resistant, silk is an investment that stands the test of time. Even if you wash your bedding often, many people overlook the side effects of polyester, cotton, or synthetic fiber bedding. Silk bedding keeps you feeling your best, and protects your health from pesky bacteria.

It’s great for your skin.

Silk is made of natural fibers woven together to create a decadent material. The smooth fibers help keep moisture locked into your skin, as well as protect you from skin flare-ups. If you have acne, sensitive skin, or wrinkles, silk helps smooth your skin as you sleep. The gentle material obliterates those morning sleep lines, and its antibacterial properties protect acne-prone skin. Silk helps you get your beauty sleep, and heal your body as you do it.

Many of us don’t realize how impactful bedding is on the quality of our sleep. Research shows that we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. So why would you want to spend a third of your life in sub-par bedding that wreaks havoc on your health? It comes as no surprise that silk is still a top commodity to this day. It feels rich and luxurious and boosts benefits for your skin, health, and sleep quality.  

John Wildsmith once said, “You are either in your bed or in your shoes so it pays to invest in both.”

Take a step towards a better you and try out our Silk Filled Thermoregulating Duvet for All Seasons.

It’s guaranteed to change the way you sleep and make every night feel like you’re falling asleep in a five-star hotel.

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